Getting It Right (all excerpts copyrighted)

Scott couldn’t help but chuckle at the enthusiasm of the two men in front of him. He had spent the better part of an hour listening to his son and the other man discussing the variety of women in the room. He was thankful that his son had at least some self-control when it came to the barely 18 year old girls celebrating Selena’s graduation.  Glancing across the banquet room, Scott spotted his dark-haired little girl that would be leaving for college in a few months. Selena seemed totally engrossed in conversation with the two best friends she’d had since middle school. He swore she was playing dress up in Jaci’s closet just yesterday.

“Man, your mom is a serious MILF! How come she didn’t look like that when we were in high school?”

Scott nearly choked on his punch. “A MILF?” The term tumbled out of his mouth before he could stop it.

The young man never hesitated, he turned to explain, “Yeah, mom I’d like to . . .” The startled look on the young man’s face had Scott biting back a smile.

“I know what it means, Carson.”

“Uh, Mr. Harris, sir, I, uh . . .”

Scott was sure he read terror on the man’s face. He raised a hand to stop the kid from embarrassing himself more. “I’m sure my ex-wife would be happy to know she’s a MILF.”

Eric turned a few shades of red. “Come on man.” Scott watched his son tug on his friend’s arm.

“It’s bad enough that you told me you wanted to bang my mom. Can we just forget this ever happened?”

Scott let his gaze slide over the fitted jeans covering the firm ass of his ex-wife. He had to admit that she looked even better than she did 20 years ago.  They had been divorced for 10 years but the old desire plunged forward at full force. The curves Jaci were currently sporting were a lot different from the ones she had during the last few years of their marriage. That was one of the many things that drove them apart. Their constant arguments and her depression led to her spending days curled up in the bed while he killed himself to make ends meet. When he had finally given up and asked for the divorce, Jaci had been a shell of the person he fell in love with. She was currently involved in a discussion with her boyfriend. Is that what you still call it even though he was in his fifties? Jason; the man that seemed to have occupied Jaci’s life for at least the last three years. Scott had seen them together a few times. The first time had been at Eric’s high school graduation. The familiar animal of jealousy began to inch into his heart. Scott couldn’t tear his eyes away as Jaci pressed her lips to Jason’s, molding her breasts against his chest. Just as his arms moved to pull her closer, Jaci pushed away.  Her sudden laughter sent a ripple of excitement down Scott’s back. How could she still have this effect on him?

“She looks great, doesn’t she, Dad?”

Scott glanced over at his daughter, still unable to believe she was so tall. She was only a few inches short of his 6 foot frame.

“She looks a lot different than she did three years ago at Ethan’s graduation. Not that I got more than a glimpse of her then.”

“It’s not like you two have had an awesome relationship.”
“I’m thinking it had more to do with her boyfriend at the time.” He knew the jealousy was unwarranted, but he couldn’t help feeling like it should have been him that put the smile on his ex’s face.

“Don’t start.” Selena punched his arm. “Jason is a really nice guy.  He even asked Mom to marry him.”

That caught his attention. “And?”

“And? You didn’t notice the rock on her finger?”

“No.” Why did he feel like he’d just been punched in the stomach?

“She’s really happy. I mean she’s been happy, but now she’s got an extra glow. It gives me hope that the end of a relationship isn’t the end of love forever.”

“I . . .” What could he say? His stomach burned. It wasn’t his fault that Jaci ate her way to over 200 pounds. That she dropped out of life except to take care of the children’s basic needs. You can’t make someone care.

“Don’t sweat it, Dad. It takes two to make something work. Personally I think she still carried a torch for you and that’s why it was hard for her to even get involved with Jason. Maybe you need to settle down. Although I don’t think Barbara is quite the settling down type. ”

Scott smiled and wrapped his arms around her. No matter how big she got, he would always remember her as a spunky 6 year old. “You always were the optimistic one. Barbara is just fine. We enjoy each other’s company and we both like the same things. She has her career and I have mine. As much as you wish otherwise, I am never getting married again. Twice is more than enough. You need to enjoy your party and finish planning your last Summer of freedom.”

Selena smiled up at him with golden brown eyes that he knew matched his own. “I just want you to both be happy.”

“We are. I don’t have to be married to be happy.”

“I love you, Dad.”

“I love you too, Princess.”

“Selena, come here!” a young blond yelled from across the makeshift dance floor. “Jeremy just texted Allison back!”

And just like that she was gone. The swarm of teenagers still made him uncomfortable so he migrated towards the buffet table. Thankfully Jaci had moved somewhere else and Scott was able to find a semi-quiet corner with which to watch the action. Sipping the punch in his hand, he silently wished for a beer instead.

“You never did like large crowds.” The soft voice washed over him alerting senses he forgot he had.



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