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Getting It Right

Jaci finally has her children out of the house and a new man wanting to walk down the aisle with her. The problem is that her ex-husband, Scott, has come back into the picture and makes sure she knows that he wants her. Jaci has no rational reason to want to indulge in physical escapades with her hunky ex until her current fiance’, Jason, starts pulling away. Will Jaci end up happily ever after with Jason or will her body’s reaction to Scott override her head?

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Second Time Around

A recent divorce and a quickly rising interior decorating business has Erica Mayer ready to celebrate. The last person she expects to run into is the man that broke her heart in high school.

William Landers tried to escape the family business. Divorce law was not the top of his list. But his father’s medical condition left him no choice. A chance encounter with a sexy redhead has his full attention. The only problem is that she seems to know him and he has no idea who she is.


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Consumed: Retired stockbroker and financial guru Alexandra Spencer has spent the last few years building Haven House, a safe place for victims of domestic violence. Now she’s ready to enjoy life by spending time with her friends, her niece and her recently acquired-no strings attached-lover.

Jonathan Hamilton is a self-made millionaire,CEO, who is unable to resist the attractive blond who propositions him at his favorite diner. His divorce and constant interference from his ex-wife has made relationships near impossible. No strings attached sex? Why not?

When the pair are thrown together outside the bedroom they discover an emotional connection they didn’t know existed. Problems arise when Alexandra makes it clear that she doesn’t want an emotional entanglement and her ex-husband appears to let her know he wants her back.


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Tink: The first in my Twisted Modern Fairy Tales series, Tink follows dance club owner, Theresa (aka Tink by her friends), on her journey to keep her club alive, put her affair with Calvin Hook behind her and let music mogul, Peter Pan, know that her interest in him is anything but childish.

Release Date: June 13, 2013

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