Ready to Start on Tink

The outline and character notes have been sitting for a while now. With Consumed finally up and ready to read I can start tackling the first story in the series Twisted Modern Fairy Tales. The fairy tale characters have been banished to the real world with only a hint of their magic and a memory of the lives they led before. A mixture of true love and sexual experimentation await their futures.


What are your favorite fairy tales?

An Erotic or Romantic Story Just for Your Valentine

In honor of Valentine’s Day I am offering my services to those looking for a unique gift for their adoring partner.

Personalized erotica or straight up sweet romance are your options. Do you want to express your inner most fantasies or make their heart swoon? Maybe a little of both?

All you will need to give me are the names to use and what type of letter/story you want to give as a gift.
This will be created just for you and sent in a pdf version straight to your inbox.
Romantic/erotic letters up to 500 words are $25
Short stories/fantasies start at 1500 words for $50
More complex stories of 5000 words–$175

Orders must be placed immediately as there are limited spaces available. Send your questions and orders to and you will be sent a Paypal invoice to place your order.

For stories please send an idea of what you would like written. Example: sweet romance, erotic, certain type of fantasy, story of you meeting-falling in love-getting married, story of you meeting-immediate attraction.

Samples of my work are available on the excerpt page.



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