Yvonne’s first inkling of romance novels came at age twelve when her best friend handed her an old fashioned bodice ripper. When her mother discovered the cliched book filled with a naive virgin being “deflowered” the response was simply “This isn’t what happens in real life.”. Yvonne quickly moved onto such authors as Kathleen E. Woodiwiss and devoured hundreds of Harlequin romances. The world of romance held an intrigue like no other. Where else could you find a resolution to every problem and there was always a happy ending?

It didn’t take long before Yvonne learned the lesson that: not all princesses would have a prince to rescue them, sometimes the prince turned into a frog and sometimes the heroine needed to rescue herself. Her many original manuscripts of wimpy heroines were abandoned into the dungeon of her file cabinet and new heroines emerged. They were strong women who knew what they wanted. They aren’t afraid of their sexual desires and they are far from virginal. There were plenty of books that spoke to the starry eyed but few that represented real women.

Yvonne writes books for adults. Nothing annoys her more than plenty of teasing, a kiss and then *wham* it’s the next day. Nope, she includes all of the little details. Yvonne writes about the type of heroines she wants to read about. They have a past, some of them are broken and some have pulled themselves out of the abyss to create a new life. Some are mothers and others have no desire to be. They fall in love or just enjoy good sex, they cuss, they don’t always look perfect, they have baggage, they can fight back and don’t always cringe at the word ‘bitch’. That doesn’t mean that her heroines are all hard-asses. Quite the contrary. They have soft spots just like any other woman. But they know how life works and that relationships are complicated.


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